Does Name Brand Matter When Choosing An AC Unit Or Setup?

People often wonder about the name brand of their appliances. You might find yourself attached to a name brand even though you may not even know why. When choosing a new air conditioner unit or service, you'll likely want a brand you recognize or have a good history with. But do name brands matter with air conditioners? Why the Name Brand Rarely Matters Think about all of the innovations in HVAC technology along with guidelines set by government entities like the EPA and the Energy Star program.

Temperature Wars: 3 Ways To Keep The Peace In Your Hot And Cold Relationship

When you were dating, you spent time learning about each other's favorite interests, and you even tackled serious topics such as parenting views as your relationship deepened. While you thought you had covered all the bases before you moved in together, you now find that there is one big difference in your personalities that you never even considered. Temperature incompatibility is a major issue in many homes, and you can end the constant battle over the thermostat by using these simple strategies.

How To Combat Weird-Tasting Water

Modern society is blessed with generally safe drinking water, but that safe water often smells. Unfortunately, making water safe doesn't always entail making it tasty; water treatment plants are just concerned with getting rid of things that could actually make you physically sick, and not just aesthetically sick. So if you end up with bad-tasting water, here are a few ways to combat it. While some involve the flavor itself, others look past that and require some repairs.

Four Reasons Your Plumber Doesn'T Want You To Purchase Flushable Wipes

Flushable wipes seem ideal because instead of toilet paper, you are using wipes that might give you a better and fresher clean. However, despite being labeled as flushable, these types of wipes actually aren't. That's probably the number one reason your plumber doesn't want you to purchase these wipes. Here are four more specific reasons why you should avoid purchasing these: Bad for the Environment: Unlike toilet paper, flushable wipes do not disintegrate completely because they are made from plastic.

Pros And Cons Of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Not long ago, your only real choices for heating a home were forced air, standard radiators, and electric baseboard heaters. Now, there's another choice to consider: radiant floor heating. In this style of heating system, hot water is circulated through skinny pipes that run under the floors in your home. The water heats the floors, and the heat subsequently dissipates throughout the rest of your home.  Many homeowners find this style of heating appealing, but before you agree to have it installed in your home, it's important to consider both the pros and the cons.