The Ductless HVAC For Your Home: 3 Options For AC For Home Cooling Needs

If you want to have an affordable and efficient AC, ductless is the way to go for cooling your home. Ductless systems provide you many options, which even include zoning designs with mini-split systems. They are also ideal for small AC needs in shops, garages or an enclosed porch area. Here are some of the best options for a ductless AC to meet your home's cooling needs:

1. Small Ductless Units for Additions and Small Spaces

The ductless AC system for your home can be used for small cooling needs. If you have an addition such as a porch enclosure or newly finished area, adding to the existing system or upgrades are often costly and messy. Newer ductless systems will provide these areas of your home with the cooling you need without the need to make costly changes to the existing HVAC system. With a model that uses a heat pump, you can also provide heating and cooling to these small areas of your home.

2. Zoning with Mini-Split Ductless Systems and Multiple Units

Most modern home HVAC designs are zoned, which means that cool areas of your home according to the needs. With a mini-split system, you will be able to install two or more units inside your home with one outdoor unit. This is an ideal setup for a single-family home that has minimal cooling needs. The indoor air handling units can be installed throughout your home to provide efficient air conditioning. Usually, these systems will allow the installation of up to four units, except for some models that may allow for five. Usually, if you need more, then you will need to consider alternatives like separate systems or compact duct HVAC.

3. Installing Separate Systems to Meet the Cooling Needs of Your Home

If you have a larger multi-story home, then a single mini-split AC design may not be sufficient. Ductless AC can still be used for your home, but you will want to consider using more than one system to meet the cooling needs. The separate systems can be good for homes with basements where you may not need the AC regularly and it can be turned off to save energy. Another option that you may want to talk with an HVAC contractor about is a compact or high-velocity duct system, which is a forced-air system that uses small ducts to deliver air conditioning.

These are some of the different options for a ductless AC system for your cooling needs. IF you want to have an efficient ductless system installed in your home, contact an HVAC contractor and talk with them about some of these options. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.