Tips For Preparing Your Home Before Having A New Central Air Conditioner Installed

If you are having your old central air conditioner replaced with a new model, you may wonder what you need to do before the day the installers arrive. If so, use the following tips to help prepare your home before having your new central air conditioning unit installed.

Have Your Old Ductwork Cleaned

After years of use, your old ductwork has probably accumulated a good bit of dust and dirt. If you are using the same ductwork with the new air conditioner, the forced air will push the debris into the new unit, giving it a head start on getting clogged up.

To help give your new AC unit a healthy start, have your old ductwork cleaned before the installation date. However, this does not mean to clean it yourself, as you will probably not be able to reach the entire network. Instead, ask the installation company if they offer this service. If not, request recommendations for cleaning companies that can do the work before you have your new unit installed.

Remove Any Clutter Around the Work Area

Another way you can prepare for the installation of your new air conditioning unit is to make sure there is no clutter in and around any areas where the technicians will be working. This decluttering includes both the inside and outside work areas. Outside where the unit will be placed, make sure you have cut back any tree or bush branches, as well as mow the grass. Also, make sure the path from their parking area to the installation site is clear so that they do not have to step over anything or trip, especially while transporting your new unit.

On the inside where they will be connecting the unit's wires, thermostat, and any new ductwork, make sure you have removed any clutter, as well as throw rugs that may slide or cause the technicians to trips. If they do not have to worry about stepping on anything, they will be able to work safer and faster, reducing the time it takes to perform the installation.

Since the technicians will be hammering and vibrating the walls, make sure you take down any pictures. Also, temporarily relocate any breakables to another area of the house until after the work is completed.

Preparing your home using the tips above can help ensure that the installation of your air conditioner goes quickly and smoothly. Speak with the air conditioning installation service like Environmental Contractors if you need any further information on what needs to be done prior to them coming to your house.