Tips To Staying Warm Without Bumping Up The Thermostat

When you're sitting around the house relaxing, you want to be comfortable—winter doesn't always make it easy. As you enjoy your time at home, you shouldn't have to deal with cold fingers, toes and a running nose—your home should be warm and comfortable. If you're having troubles staying warm this winter, there's a few things that you can do. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you warm up without sending your utility bills to the moon.

Moisturize the Air

It may not make sense to you at first, but honestly, moist air will feel better than dry air. Run a cool-mist humidifier in your home. If you opt for a hot-mist humidifier, you could introduce too much moisture that could result in condensation forming on windows and walls. Condensation can cause all sorts of mold and mildew issues if you continue to load the walls with moisture. The cool-mist humidifier will fill the room with moisture without causing everything to become drippy wet.

Bundle Up

You probably struggle to keep three things warm—your feet, your hands and your head. If you can warm those three parts of your body without having to bump up the thermostat, you'll find more affordable comfort.

Get a pair of good slippers with hard bottoms. The hard bottoms will keep any moisture that's in the carpet away from your feet which will keep them much warmer.

Wear a robe that has pockets and a hood. When you feel yourself getting a chill, pull the hood up and put your hands in the pockets for a minute or two. It won't take long for you to warm up comfortably.

Tip: If you're feeling really chilly, get yourself some instant hand warmers. Toss one in each of the robe pockets and use them to warm up quickly.

Circulate the Air

You will need to circulate the air in your home in order for things to stay warm efficiently. If you don't think that running your ceiling fans can help warm up the room, get a kitchen chair and move it to the center of the room. Stand on the chair—do you feel how much warmer it is near the ceiling? Turning the ceiling fan on will help to push the warm air to the living space and make things more comfortable.

If you can't seem to keep warm, talk with your local heating and cooling expert. He or she will know just what to do to make you more comfortable at home all winter. It may be that you need furnace repairs or a new furnace installation.