Are You Upgrading To A Modern AC Unit? 3 Questions To Ask Before The Installation

When your home was first built, the AC unit that was installed may have been the latest and greatest technology. Now, however, you know that better models are available that offer benefits such as energy-efficiency. Once your unit is no longer working well, it is necessary to arrange for a residential AC installation that includes an upgrade. As you get ready to make your arrangements, be sure to ask the technician these questions that let you choose a new unit that you'll enjoy using after the installation is complete.

Can the Existing Ductwork Still be Used?

Older AC units were often installed around the same time as the ductwork in a house. If your current AC unit is out of date or no longer functioning, then you should consider the possibility that the ductwork is also old. Over time, ductwork can develop cracks and other types of damage that cause it to leak cool air. During your initial estimate, ask to have the ductwork inspected to make sure that it will work with the type of unit that you choose and not have a negative impact upon the new unit's efficiency.

How Do Your Technicians Determine the Size?

Sizing is important on a residential AC unit installation. If too small of a unit is installed, then you cannot expect it to be able to cool the house off properly. While an oversized unit may sound ideal, this can also lead to issues such as frequent cycling that can lower the lifespan for your investment. AC technicians sometimes rely upon their experience to make an estimate on a unit size. However, it is better to hear them say that they use the manual J load calculation. This calculation takes into consideration all of the factors that impact how well a unit can cool a house such as the location of your house toward the sun and the amount of windows it has.

What New Features Should I Consider?

Air conditioning units have come a long way in recent years. If you are upgrading to a new unit, then now is the time to add a few modern conveniences to your life. For instance, a programmable thermostat allows you to preset the temperatures that you prefer for certain times of the day. Being able to raise the temperature slightly while you are at work or on vacation saves energy as well as money on your utility bills. Contact a company like Worlock Air Conditioning and Heating for more information.