Central Air Conditioning Systems And Repairing Common Problems That Affect Your Cooling

The most common type of cooling system installed in homes is a central air conditioner system. These systems use compressed gas in condensing coils to provide thermal exchange and cool your home through duct pipes. Therefore, you will want to know more about the troubleshooting and repair needs of your air conditioner. The following central air conditioning system troubleshooting guide will help you determine the repairs your system needs:

Dealing with electrical problems affecting your AC—The electrical problems that affect your AC can be something as simple as a breaker being tripped, the main power not being turned on, or a problem with the electrical circuitry. Some AC electrical problems that you will want to check for include:

  • Tripped breaker or power switch
  • Bad or damaged wiring issues
  • A thermostat that needs to be replaced
  • Problems with capacitors, control panels, and AC circuitry

These are AC electrical problems that could be causing your air conditioner to not work. Try the simple fixes like switching the breaker on and call an AC repair service if you still cannot get the air conditioner to turn on.

Problems with a dirty filter and unit are causing serious AC problems—The air filters of your AC system can be another cause of serious problems that you have to deal with. The regular filter changes for your HVAC system help to prevent a lot of these problems, but sometimes damage can be caused. Therefore, an AC repair service may also need to clean the condensing unit and inspect it for damage to components or the compressor.

Dealing with damaged compressor issues that cause the AC to not cool—The damage to the compressor from overheating, constant running, and ice buildup can be serious. Therefore, one of the repairs that your AC may need is fixing the compressor leaks and charging your air conditioner with gas. If the compressor cannot be repaired, it will probably need to be replaced, which can be a costly AC repair. So, you want to have problems with the AC unit looked at before there is severe damage to the compressor.

Problems with fans and ductwork that reduce the airflow of central HVAC systems—There are also problems with fans and ductwork that can affect the efficiency of your HVAC. You should have these problems looked at before they affect the performance of your cooling due to reduced airflow. Some of the AC problems that cause reduced airflow include:

  • Damaged and leaking duct pipes
  • Problems with air handlers and dampers
  • Closed HVAC duct vents
  • Issues with blower motors and fans not working

These are a few of the problems that can cause a reduction in the airflow coming from your HVAC vents.

The central air conditioner that provides cooling for your home is eventually going to need repairs to keep it running efficiently. Contact an air conditioner repair service to get to the bottom of problems causing your central AC system to not cool.