3 Signs It's Time For A Furnace Upgrade

Replacing your furnace is less a matter of "if," and more a matter of "when." Most homeowners will need to call a professional for heating system replacement once every decade or so.

Putting off furnace replacement for too long can only lead to poorer comfort and unnecessary expenses. Here are three signs it's time for a furnace upgrade.

1. Frequent Mechanical Issues With Your Furnace

Wear and tear happen more quickly in furnaces than in other appliances because they are used for several hours every day. Mechanical issues can compound over time, and a single failing component can impact the efficiency of the entire system. If repair calls are becoming more frequent, weigh the cost of ongoing repairs against the expense of installing a new furnace.

The sounds your furnace makes while it is running can tell you a lot about its health. Loose and worn components can cause grinding or rattling noises from your furnace. Take these noises as an advance warning that mechanical problems may be on the horizon and consider a furnace upgrade.

2. Difficulty Staying Comfortable in Your Home

There's something to be said for repairing and maintaining your appliances for as long as possible, but home heating is one area where reliability is crucial. Furnace breakdowns leave your home without heat until the issue is resolved. A new furnace may be worth it to provide your home with a more dependable source of heat.

Even if your furnace isn't suffering from complete breakdowns, you may notice other issues with a failing furnace that impact your home's comfort. If the air from your vents is lukewarm when you turn on the heat, or if certain rooms aren't getting as warm as they should, it may be time for a new furnace.

3. Increasing Energy Bills

Efficiency loss makes your home less comfortable while also increasing the operating cost of your furnace. Wear and tear will cause your furnace to inevitably lose efficiency over the years.

Modern furnaces are naturally more energy-efficient than models from the last decade, so they can produce more BTUs of heat per unit of fuel. You can compare the SEER rating of your furnace and new furnaces on the market to get an idea of how much you could save on your energy bill.

If you're dealing with frequent repairs and poor performance from your outdated furnace, furnace replacement could be the start of a new chapter in your home's comfort. For more information, contact a furnace replacement service.