Changes To Consider When Having A New AC Unit Installed

Having your AC unit replaced is exciting. Chances are, you've been struggling with inadequate or inefficient air conditioning for a while, and it will be a relief to have a unit that actually works well. As you prepare to have your AC replaced, it's a good idea to have some discussions with your HVAC contractor about the project and how the replacement will be carried out. Here are some changes you may want to have made when your air conditioning is replaced.

Move the outdoor unit.

Are you happy with the location of your outdoor AC unit? Maybe you always have to mow around it, or perhaps it's tough to keep the bushes around it trimmed back. Talk to your HVAC contractor about putting the new AC unit in a different spot. Often, your HVAC contractor can give you three or four options. You can then choose the location that works best for you. Make sure it's a spot where the AC unit will get lots of airflow so it can function properly.

Upgrade your thermostat.

You can technically have your thermostat updated at any time. But it's easiest to have this done when you replace your air conditioner. The HVAC contractor may already have the wall opened up to access some wiring, so they can run new thermostat wiring at the same time. They can also recommend a thermostat that's known to function well with the air conditioner you've selected. 

These days, replacing your thermostat generally recommends going with a WiFi-compatible model. These thermostats let you monitor your home's temperature remotely, assess your energy use in real time and adjust your cooling schedule as your life schedule changes.

Install a variable speed fan.

If your blower fan is in decent shape, your HVAC contractor may give you the option of leaving it. This works and is affordable. However, you should also consider replacing your current fan with a variable-speed fan. Such a fan will adjust its speed according to the current weather and demands. These fans are more energy-efficient and can also help your AC unit cool your home more evenly.

If you're already having your AC replaced, you may want to consider having a new thermostat or variable-speed fan installed at the same time. Moving the new outdoor AC unit is also a smart choice in many cases. For more information about your air conditioning system, contact a local contractor.