Does Your AC Unit Keep Making Odd Knocking Noises? Find Out Why

It is never a good sign to have unusual noises coming from your air conditioning unit. Sadly, most homeowners get used to these noises and assume it is a normal part of the unit's function as it ages. However, the only noise an AC should make is a soft hum when running. More so, you shouldn't hear the sound if you aren't in the same room with your unit. If you notice knocking, rattling, clunking and other noises, it is time to call the AC repair service technician for an assessment. Here are some of the most common causes of unit noise and how to handle them.

Something Is Wedged Inside the Condenser

Small items like twigs and pebbles can fall inside your condenser unit because it resides outside. When this happens, the fan will strike the object if it is in its way during operation. Depending on the material of the foreign object, this could produce a knocking or slamming sound. Remember, the compressor is a delicate component, so only a professional should troubleshoot and resolve the possible cause of the noise.

You Need to Fix the Blower

A central AC system uses a blower fan to force air through your ductwork. Therefore, you might notice unusual noises from your system when there is an issue with the blower, including pounding and knocking sounds. When the blower is functioning optimally, the fans will turn as usual, and you will have a constant supply of cool air in the rooms. However, if your house is stuffy or doesn't get fresh air in addition to the noises, it is time to fix the blower.

The Compressor Has a Loose or Stuck Item

Over time, several components in your AC unit could break loose or separate. Note that these bits will start rattling inside your compressor as the unit runs, which can be noisy. Additionally, given that your AC compressor is outside, it's possible for small debris like twigs and stones to accidentally fall inside the unit. In such cases, the fan will strike the object, leading to odd knocking noises.

These are the most common reasons why your AC might make odd sounds. Note that it is always best to consult an AC repair technician when you encounter a problem instead of trying to resolve it yourself. The expert will troubleshoot the issue, tell you about the best probable cause, and help you rectify it as soon as possible. Reach out to an AC repair service near you to learn more.