3 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your HVAC Unit

The last thing you want during the height of the hot summer months is for your HVAC unit to give out. While this sometimes happens, several signs usually indicate that your unit does not have much life left. If you know these signs, you can contact your local HVAC technicians and order a new unit before that hot summer weather hits. Here are some indicators to look for.

Rising Energy Bills

Are your energy bills creeping up season after season? While some of this increase may be due to increasing costs from your energy company, your old, outdated system can be another reason. One sign of failing HVAC systems is rising energy bills. The increase is due to failing parts putting a more significant strain on the system and making it use more energy to work. 

For example, your failing condenser motor cannot efficiently remove the heat from your home. This inefficiency will cause your motor to run longer to achieve optimal temperatures. 

Older HVAC units are less energy efficient than the new models on the market. They were not designed with the higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER ratings) that the current units have. This rating measures the electricity required to remove heat from indoor air. 

An easy way to check your increase is by going to your energy company's website and seeing how this year's bill compares to last year's. Most sites will also give you the average temperatures for each period. 

Unusual Noises

Clicks, thumps, buzzing, and metal on metal are not sounds you want to hear from your HVAC system. Thumping sounds often indicate your blower fan is loose or your filter is hitting your return grille. Clicking could mean an electrical problem, and buzzing could mean your system is freezing from a coolant leak. 

Unfortunately, vibrations from your system can cause components to loosen, come apart, or become damaged over time. Any of these noises mean that at the very least, you need to contact a technician for HVAC services. 

Frequent Repairs

Homeowners often say they want to avoid replacing their HVAC system because of the projected costs. But they usually do not calculate how much they pay for HVAC services to repair their old system. 

It may be time to invest in a new unit if you must make repairs every season or several times during a season. Not only will you have a more energy-efficient unit, but it will usually come with a warranty that covers any repairs for several years after installation.   

For more info about HVAC services, contact a local company.