Don't Pay For An Emergency Service Call: A Few Ways To Stay Cool While Waiting For Air Conditioning Repair

Having your air conditioning fail in the middle of the summer, things can get really hot in your house very quickly. This can cause tempers to rise and everyone to be grumpy. Unfortunately, this is the time of year when most people experience problems, keeping the A/C technicians busy all the time. This means that you either have to wait until someone is free to come to your home, or you have to pay extra for an emergency service call.

Benefits Of A Mini-Split AC System

The standard AC unit is a split system (aka a central-air unit). The reason behind using a split system is that you can put the condenser coils in one location outside of your house and the evaporator coils in a central location inside your house. From this central location, ducts can carry cooled air all over your house. However, there are times when a central-air system is overkill. Thus, you should have a conversation with an HVAC specialist to decide if a mini-split system might be a better choice for your home.

Keep It Cool: 3 Ways To Keep Your New Commercial Refrigeration Unit Working Properly

If you run a store, or restaurant, you depend on your commercial refrigeration unit. You might not realize that your customers are depending on it too. You see, if your refrigeration unit isn't working properly, you could be serving, or selling, tainted food to your customers. Here are three steps you should follow to keep your refrigeration unit working properly. Keep Things Clean When you have a commercial refrigeration unit, daily cleaning should be at the top of your to-do list.

How To Secure Your Air Conditioner Against A Hurricane

Florida's hurricane season can really do a number on the houses here. No matter how much you prepare your home for the oncoming storms, you may forget to prepare other structures and accessories on your property. This includes your central air conditioner. Here is how to secure your central air conditioner's condenser box against an oncoming hurricane. Bolted to Concrete Everyone in the state of Florida is required to bolt their condenser box to a slab of concrete.

Plumbing Tips To Keep Your Pipes Flowing Freely

Plumbing issues can be remarkably expensive, disruptive and damaging. However, plumbing problems are often made more common and worse by some errors that homeowners make when it concerns their plumbing systems. If preventing common plumbing issues is something that you have only recently started to give thought, you may find some seemingly basic tips valuable.   Avoid Using The Garbage Disposal For Large Amounts Of Vegetables And Fruit Individuals will often be aware of the hazards of putting greasy substances down the kitchen sink.