Four Advantages Of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers, as their name would suggest, are a type of home ventilation product that are designed to remove dust and other materials from the air in order to improve your air quality. There are different models available, similar to air conditioners, that can either be installed in single rooms or installed to purify the air throughout your entire home by attaching to your central forced air system. Understanding the benefits associated with installing an air purifier within your home's HVAC system can help you determine if doing so is the right choice for you and your family.

Three AC Components To Check When You Buy An Old Home

If you're buying an old home that has an air conditioning system already installed, there are some things you should have inspected before you started using the air conditioner regularly. A little preventative inspection and maintenance can go a long way toward making sure you have a reliable air conditioner for the hot summer months -- and making sure you won't be surprised by any high energy bills. Make Sure AC Is The Right Size

Why Call An Emergency HVAC Contractor When Your Furnace Stops Working

Have you come home to a cold house after work at the end of the week during the winter? If so, it means that your furnace has suddenly stopped working. Having an HVAC system failure on a Friday evening means that you may have to go all weekend with working heat until an HVAC technician can come out during normal business hour. However, you could get the system serviced sooner than that by hiring an emergency HVAC contractor.

How Your AC System Works: A Beginners Guide

Did you know that central air conditioners can also be called a heat pump? Many people wrongly associate the term "heat pump" as only involving the actual heating of their home. In reality, the heat pump is a two-part system. Only one part of it, the air handler, is connected to the heating mechanism (usually a furnace or boiler). The other part of the heat pump is the actual condenser unit which is the large cabinet with a fan outside of the home.

Common Course Of Furnace Pilot Light Problems

The pilot light is meant to ignite the main flame that produces the heat needed to warm up your rooms. This means your furnace will not be working and your home will be cold if the pilot light is malfunctioning. Here are some of the potential reasons your furnace's pilot light may malfunction: The Thermocouple Is Dirty The thermocouple is a safety mechanism that controls the flow of gas to the furnace.