3 Plumbing Nightmares Caused by Summer House Guests

Summer is the time for the family to pack up and visit their far-flung loved ones. This means that there's a chance that you'll host house guests. This also means that you might experience one of the three plumbing nightmares below: 

They'll Dump Picnic and Barbecue Garbage Down Your Drain

There are certain times of the year when your kitchen will be used, and entertaining house guests (along with your barbecue party guest) during the summer is one of those times. Let's face it: There will be adults and children weaving and bobbing inside of the kitchen. In the midst of this, you won't be able to pay attention to the person who dumps the potato salad, the grease, or large meat bones down your kitchen drain.

One way that you can prevent this from taking place is by keeping as many people away from your sink as possible. Make sure to buy as many disposable eating utensils as possible, and make sure that no one is dumping grease or solid waste down your drain. If your guests ask where they should dump questionable food items, then tell them to set the items off to the side for you to dispose of later. If guests want to help you to wash dishes and clean the kitchen, then instruct them to keep items that clog your drain out of the sink! (For more information, contact CampbellCare heating and cooling repair.)

Hairballs Aren't Just for Cats

If there's one thing that your summer house guests will need to do, it's take a shower (or several) during their stay in your home. Since they'll be hot and sweaty, they'll probably wash their hair more often. Guests with long hair are going to leave clump of hairballs at the bottom of your tub, or your shower floor. 

You can prevent hairball nightmares by purchasing a specially-designed drain stopper that has holes large enough to allow water to flow through, while catching the hairballs. You could also instruct your guest to pick up their hairballs after they leave the shower. 

Bored Children Allow Toys to Swim In The Toilet

One of the worst summer house guest horror stories involves bored, unattended children who decide to take their toys for a swim...inside of your bathroom's toilet. You usually won't find this out until the child flushes the toilet and screams as gallons of water flows down to your floor, ruining it. There's a good chance that your downstairs ceiling will be ruined in the process, too. 

It goes without saying that adults need to keep a close eye on their children. If small children are visiting with parents, then it's best to purchase a toddler gate that's designed to keep them out of rooms where they can find trouble.  Although you'll enjoy loved ones who come to visit your home during the summer, you'll hate house guest-related plumbing nightmares. If you take a few precautionary steps to protect your drains, then their visit to your home will feel a lot more pleasant.