Four Reasons Your Plumber Doesn'T Want You To Purchase Flushable Wipes

Flushable wipes seem ideal because instead of toilet paper, you are using wipes that might give you a better and fresher clean. However, despite being labeled as flushable, these types of wipes actually aren't. That's probably the number one reason your plumber doesn't want you to purchase these wipes. Here are four more specific reasons why you should avoid purchasing these:

  1. Bad for the Environment: Unlike toilet paper, flushable wipes do not disintegrate completely because they are made from plastic. This means that they stay in the ocean and wash up somewhere only to be left sitting there until they are mistaken for food by wildlife. At this point, it causes serious health problems for wildlife because it does not dissolve in their stomachs.

  2. Cause Serious Clogs: The build up of flushable wipes can be a serious problem for the plumbing in your home. Since they are not degradable, they end up sitting and can become trapped in the plumbing only to be built up and up until you have a serious clog on your hands. While your plumber can easily fix this, you don't want to have to hire them on a consistent basis to do this.

  3. Toxic: Flushable wipes also contain toxic chemicals that can not only damage the plumbing system in your home, but also your own body. These chemicals can cause rashes and other issues that you definitely don't want to have to deal with. The harsh chemicals can also eat away at the pipes if the wipes become stuck to the sides and potentially cause leaks.

  4. Cause Sewage Clogs: On top of causing a clog in your own home, it can also clog the city sewer that your home is connected to. When this happens, not only can it cause the plumbing in your home to stop working properly, but it can also cause flooding in the streets that can lead to flooding in your home or a neighbor's. If you have a septic tank, obviously this isn't something to be concerned about, however, it can still cause damage to your septic tank potentially leading to flooding.

When you know these four reasons your plumber doesn't want you to purchase flushable wipes, you can see exactly why. Knowing the harmful effects, it's best just to use toilet paper. However, if you still want to use wipes, it's best to discard them in the trash rather than down the toilet. Talk to a plumber, like AAA Home Services, for more help.