Does Name Brand Matter When Choosing An AC Unit Or Setup?

People often wonder about the name brand of their appliances. You might find yourself attached to a name brand even though you may not even know why. When choosing a new air conditioner unit or service, you'll likely want a brand you recognize or have a good history with. But do name brands matter with air conditioners?

Why the Name Brand Rarely Matters

Think about all of the innovations in HVAC technology along with guidelines set by government entities like the EPA and the Energy Star program. All of these things have somewhat leveled the playing field among air conditioner manufacturers. A modern air conditioner from almost any manufacturer will have just about everything you're looking for.

There are some brands out there whose names are almost synonymous with air conditioning appliances. However, there's a number of things that transcend brand name. It's not about which brand is the best, it's about which unit or system will work best for you and your home.

You can line up all the most popular brands and find that each of them offers units that are virtually identical to each other. They will all offer options of the same weight, size availability, efficiency rating, and even warranty lengths.

In some cases, many competing HVAC manufacturers are actually sister companies owned by the same conglomerate. They often have many of the same components, as there's only a handful of extremely large HVAC equipment manufacturers out there. The one main difference between different brands is their after-sale service.

Your Air Conditioner Installer Matters More

The person you hire to install or replace your air conditioning system will make far more of a difference than the brand of the air conditioner you have installed. An excellent contractor will make sure that you receive the right air conditioner for your home, not some particular brand or another. There's a few ways they accomplish this.

  • A full home evaluation to figure out the best solution for you
  • A load calculation to figure out the best size AC for your needs
  • A full inspection of your furnace and ductwork

This will all go towards an air conditioning installation that won't give you issues a month or a year after installation. It's not the brand that guarantees longevity. A proper installation is what will give you an AC that lasts. Without a professional installation, the brand name won't matter even a little bit. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Pristine Air Conditioning Corp.