How To Keep Your Home's Air Conditioner Running At Maximum Efficiency

It happens every year, just as you can finally stop using your heater then the weather turns hot and you have to start running the air conditioner. While you can't control the outdoor seasons, there are many things you can do to ensure that your air conditioner is working at its maximum efficiency possible this summer, including each of the following:

Change the Air Conditioner's Filter Regularly

For its air supply, your home's air conditioner pulls in air from inside of your home. As it does this, its filter becomes clogged with dust and pet hair. When the filter gets too clogged from contaminants, then it lessens the ability of your air conditioner to pull in enough air. Less room temperature air into the HVAC system results in less cold air pushed out of the system into your home. You can eliminate this efficiency loss by changing the HVAC system's filter at least once each month.

Have the HVAC System's Ducts Repaired and Insulated

All of the cool air produced by your home's air conditioner is moved through your attic or crawlspace through large pipes known as ducts. The ducts were securely taped together when they were originally installed using duct tape. However, over time rodents, family pets, and normal household settling can move the ducts and cause them to become separated.

When your home's ducts are not well sealed, then your air conditioner is pushing air conditioned air into the attic or crawlspace when it doesn't do any good. For this reason, you should have the ducts inspected by an HVAC technician. If they find any loose duct work, then they can repair it. Also, while they are working with the ducts they can insulate them to save you even more on your power bills.

Keep the Outdoor Condenser Clean and Free of Leaves and Weeds

In order for your air conditioner to run efficiently, its condenser needs to be well vented and functioning properly. The condenser for your home's HVAC system is the large cube-looking thing located outside of your home. Make sure the condenser is working at its highest efficiency by clearing away any weeds, leaves, and other debris from around the condenser. The unit should have at least a foot or two of empty space around it. Finally, to greater increase, its efficiency, take your broom and brush off all of the air vents on the outside of the condenser unit. This will keep the motor cooler while your air conditioner is running. 

For more information on air condition repair, talk to local HVAC contractor near you.