Keep It Cool: 3 Ways To Keep Your New Commercial Refrigeration Unit Working Properly

If you run a store, or restaurant, you depend on your commercial refrigeration unit. You might not realize that your customers are depending on it too. You see, if your refrigeration unit isn't working properly, you could be serving, or selling, tainted food to your customers. Here are three steps you should follow to keep your refrigeration unit working properly.

Keep Things Clean

When you have a commercial refrigeration unit, daily cleaning should be at the top of your to-do list. Daily cleanings will prevent damage, keep your refrigeration unit smelling fresh, reduce mold growth, and help you catch problems before they get too big. First,clean up spills as soon as they happen. Second, sweep and mop the floor of your walk-in unit at least once a day. Finally, use a solution of fresh water and mild detergent to wipe down the shelves twice a day – once in the morning, and once a night. Be sure to wipe the seals each time you clean your refrigeration unit. A dirty seal will prevent your door from closing properly, which will prevent your unit from getting – and staying – cold.

Don't Let the Temperature Drop

Your commercial refrigeration unit needs to stay a constant temperature. Once the temperature begins to dip, your cold foods will begin to spoil. You can prevent spoiled food, and reduce food waste, by monitoring the internal temperature throughout the day. Make it a habit to check the temperature inside your refrigeration unit at least once a day. One way to stay on top of temperature problems is to install a monitoring system. The temperature monitor will alert you as soon as it senses a drop in the temperature.

Conduct Quarterly Maintenance

In addition to daily cleanings, your refrigeration unit will also require quarterly maintenance. These quarterly maintenance sessions will allow you to provide your refrigeration unit with a deeper cleaning, and closer inspection. Once each quarter, do a deep-cleaning of the entire unit. Inspect the seals for signs of damage, and lubricate the hinges. If you notice any problems, be sure to call for service as soon as possible.

Schedule Professional Service Calls

Your refrigeration unit is going to need professional attention from time-to-time. To make sure it gets the care it needs, it's a good idea to schedule professional service calls in advance. Having a regularly-scheduled date for service calls, will ensure that your refrigeration unit receives the care it needs to function properly. Not only that, but scheduling service calls in advance will give you one less thing that you have to remember.