Don't Pay For An Emergency Service Call: A Few Ways To Stay Cool While Waiting For Air Conditioning Repair

Having your air conditioning fail in the middle of the summer, things can get really hot in your house very quickly. This can cause tempers to rise and everyone to be grumpy. Unfortunately, this is the time of year when most people experience problems, keeping the A/C technicians busy all the time. This means that you either have to wait until someone is free to come to your home, or you have to pay extra for an emergency service call. This extra fee can be expensive. However, you can save yourself this fee if you act quickly and put other cooling methods in effect. Here are some things you can do to keep your home comfortable:

Window Coverings

Even if you like to have the sun streaming in during the day, you need to close everything. If you have blinds and drapes, be sure to close them both to keep as much heat out of the house as possible. If you only have blinds, hang some blankets over them to help. You may also want to dampen the curtains or blankets a bit. This will cool any hot air that does manage to pass through them.

Ice and Fans

Get some large buckets and put large blocks of ice in them. Place one in each room. The ice will have a cooling effect on the air above it. In addition, if you place a fan behind the bucket, it will force the cool air to circulate around the room. You should also take advantage of any other fans you may have, including ceiling fans to move the air.

Cool Yourself

While you are waiting, even if it is a few days, keep your body temperature lower by taking baths, showers, or jumping in a pool. Wash your clothes but do not put them through the dryer. Wear the damp clothes. If you can sit by a fan the cooling effect of the water will be multiplied.

Don't Make More Heat

Avoid making heat in the house. Do no use the stove or over if possible. You can grill outside or use the microwave inside. It would also be a good time to eat salads and other foods that do not need to be cooked at all.

With any luck, you will be able to keep your home and the people in it at a comfortable temperature. You won't be cool, but at least you won't be too hot either. This can be enough to get through a few days and avoid a large emergency service fee. Use some of the saved money to buy ice or ice cream and keep everyone happy.

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