Uneven Heating And Cooling? 3 Potential Causes First-Time Homeowners Should Explore

Buying a first home provides a plethora of educational experiences for brand new homeowners. This is especially true in regard to the major systems of the home they have purchased, such as the heating and air conditioning system. 

Like any appliance, those that make up the HVAC system can have limitations and quirks that cause them to be less functional and efficient than they were designed to be. If you are new to the responsibilities of owning a home and have found that the HVAC system seems to be offering uneven or unsatisfactory levels of heating and cooling comfort, here are three potential causes to consider:

Issues with ducts

Homeowners who have just purchased their first home and moved in to discover that the HVAC system does not keep the home comfortably warm or cool will want to take a look at the system's ducts. Ducts that were damaged or those that have been blocked by boxes or furnishings cannot move conditioned air as efficiently as they should, resulting in a less comfortable home. 

Ducts can also be a problem if they have not been extended to reach all areas of the home. This problem happens often in older homes that have been added onto or had a porch or attic space transformed into living space without also updating the ducts for the HVAC system.

Impeded air flow

When the HVAC system appears to operate normally but fails to make the home feel comfortable, the problem may be caused by impeded air flow. Homeowners who suspect this type of problem should first make sure that the furnace filter is not clogged.

Homes that still suffer impeded air flow after checking or changing the HVAC filter may be showing signs that the air flow from the HVAC system is impeded by changes in the interior design of the home, such as the addition of new dividing walls or the enclosure of spaces that were previously much more open. 

Insufficient system sizing

If no apparent problems are noted with the HVAC's air flow or ducts, the problem of an uncomfortable home may be directly related to an insufficiently-sized central heating and air conditioning system. HVAC systems that are too small or too large for the interior spaces of the home will tend to turn on and off more frequently, resulting in rising utility bills, and offer very uneven heating and cooling for the occupants of the home. 

First-time homeowners who want to learn more about the possible causes of uneven heating and cooling in their new home should contact their local HVAC contractor to discuss their concerns and options for addressing them.