Important Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Their Drains For Proper Maintenance

Your home's drainage system does a lot of good for your everyday life, but it is oh-so-easy to neglect. Take a look at a few important things every homeowner should know about their drains for proper maintenance purposes. 

You should know the general layout of your drains. 

It is always wise to get familiar with the layout of the drains in your home. Most homes will have a series of drainage points that connect to a primary outlet point. For example, drains in the kitchen and bathrooms may have separate drainage points, but these drains will likely connect to a main outlet somewhere in the house. The more you know about the layout, the easier it is to track down a problem. 

You should know what should not go down your drains. 

It is such a simple thing, but one of the number-one reasons that people have to call for help with their drains is because stuff has gone down that really shouldn't have. You should know that certain items are always going to cause problems, such as: 

  • Oil, fats, and grease in the kitchen 
  • Hair in the bathroom drains 
  • Kitty litter, paper products, and heavy toilet paper in the toilet 

Everyone in the house should be properly educated about what can't be flushed or washed down a drain. 

You should know what tools can help if you have a small clog. 

If you do run into a problem with a small, clog, it is always best if you do know at least a little about what tools you can use to clear the problem before it becomes a major issue that requires a drain repair service. For example, a basic plunger can work wonders if you have a shallow clog caught in your kitchen sink's drain line, and a short plumber's snake can usually be used to reach in and retrieve a ball of hair that is blocking flow in your shower. 

You should know the importance of professional drain maintenance. 

Professional drain maintenance is a bit different than a repair service. These service providers exist primarily because they help people avoid problems with their drains. They may offer services like: 

  • Water-jetting to clean your drains and keep them flowing 
  • Professional drain assessments to make sure your drains are in good shape
  • Video inspection services to diagnose drainage issues early on 

It is not a bad idea to have a drain maintenance service visit your home periodically to help you with proper drainage maintenance.