Is It Worth It To Repair A Window Air Conditioning Unit?

Window air conditioning units provide relatively affordable cooling for homes that don't have a built-in air conditioning appliance. Because these units are much cheaper than other options — even portable air conditioning units can cost a few hundred dollars, and window units typically cost less than a couple of hundred — they may seem less likely to be worth fixing if they break. However, despite the seemingly cheap nature of these appliances, it can be worth it to pay for repairs instead of paying for a new unit.

The Severity of the Repair

It can't hurt to get an estimate and have a repair tech look at the unit before deciding. That gives you a better chance of evaluating the situation and your choices correctly. If the repair appears to be simple, you may as well just fix the existing unit. There's no reason to throw out a great unit if you can have it fixed quickly. But if the unit appears to be in very bad shape, then replacing it is better simply because repair costs could really soar above the cost of a new unit if the existing unit needs a lot of work.

The Cost of New Units in Your Area

How much are new units in your area? If it's summer and new window units are hard to find, the ones you can get might be very expensive. In that case, fixing what you have is likely to be the more financially sound option (unless, again, the unit is so far gone that repairs would really not be possible). But if it's not winter and there's a sale on, it can't hurt to look at new units, especially if the one you have now is older and not as efficient as newer technology.

The Urgency of the Repair

How urgently do you need the unit repaired? If it's summer and hot, and there's a long waiting list for a repair appointment, you may have to get a new unit. But if you have time, and you either don't need the unit repaired right away, or you can get an appointment for a repair tech to come out immediately, a repair could be the right move.

The Fact That You'd Have to Resize the Window Cut-Out and Dispose of an Appliance

There are two often-overlooked reasons to have your existing window air conditioner repaired instead of replacing it. First, you might have to resize the cut-out space in the window. If you currently have the unit sitting in an open window that's been filled in with a board, that might not be that hard to do. But if the unit sits in a space that is partially filled with glass, that's harder to modify.

The other issue is that if you replace the unit, you have to dispose of the old unit, which could mean taking it to a special disposal center, depending on your city's laws. By repairing the unit, you avoid the disposal issue.

Have a repair tech take a look and see why the unit stopped working properly. If you can have it repaired, then you've saved yourself some time and trouble.

For more information, contact an appliance repair service.