HVAC Upgrades That You Should Talk To A Contractor About For Your Home

HVAC upgrades can be a great investment to reduce your annual energy costs. There are improvements that can be made to the ductwork, blowers, and controls of your heating and cooling systems. The following HVAC upgrades are some of the upgrades that you will want to talk to a contractor about for your home:

Energy-Efficient AC Replacement Upgrades

AC is one of the areas where you will want to consider upgrades for your HVAC system. Today, there are many energy-efficient options to replace your old AC unit. Some of the energy-efficient AC replacement options that you will want to consider for your home include:

  • Heat pump HVAC system
  • High-efficiency AC units
  • High-velocity AC systems (compact duct HVAC)

Replacing your AC with a heat pump or high-efficiency unit can be a great way to reduce high summer energy costs.

Options for More Efficient Heating

There are also options for more efficient heating that you will want to consider for your home. Some of these HVAC heating options include:

  • Two-stage furnaces
  • Biomass boilers for hydro-air systems
  • High-efficiency heat pumps systems

The heating solutions can be a great way to reduce energy costs during cold winters. There are even options to add renewable energy to the design of these systems. The combination of high-efficiency furnace and renewable energy can give your even more energy savings. 

Upgrades to HVAC Ductwork Equipment

The HVAC ductwork and air distribution, an area where you will want to consider upgrades. Today, options to improve the airflow and distribution with ducts include:

  • Automated dampers (for zoned HVAC designs)
  • Smart HVAC vents for more control of heating and cooling
  • Upgraded ductwork to reduce energy loss
  • Variable-speed blowers for better efficiency

The ducts can be upgraded to improve the efficiency of your system as well. These improvements will improve the overall efficiency of both heating and cooling.

Choosing Energy-Efficient HVAC Controls

There are also options for energy-efficient controls that can be installed to make your system more efficient. To start, upgrading to a programmable thermostat can do a lot to improve the efficiency of your system. In addition, there are also options for efficient controls for furnaces and other equipment. These improvements will make your HVAC more efficient and your home more comfortable.

The right improvements to your HVAC system will greatly reduce your energy costs. Contact an HVAC contractor service for more information. They can help you start planning these upgrades for your system.