AC Installation Options For Expanding HVAC To Home Additions

If you need to add AC to your home for a home addition, there are several options to consider. The existing system may be large enough to be expanded to other areas of your home. You may want to install ductless AC heat pumps or a high-velocity ductwork system. The following information will help you choose the right air conditioning solutions for your home addition project:

Ductless HVAC Systems for Additions

One of the easiest options to consider for your home addition air conditioning is a ductless system. Today, there are several ductless AC options to consider for your project, including:

  • Single ductless AC units
  • Mini-split ductless AC systems
  • Mini-split ductless heat pumps for heating and cooling

The addition of a ductless AC system can be an efficient solution for home additions. They can allow you to control the HVAC in the addition separately from a system that has already been installed. They also cost less due to fewer materials and less labor needed for their installation.

Replacing Existing HVAC with Compact Ducts

You may also want to replace the existing system with an alternative solution. High-velocity or compact duct systems are another option to consider for your home addition. Some of the options to consider for a compact duct system include:

  • Heat pumps for heating and cooling
  • Options for zoned design with a compact plenum
  • Attractive vents that are out of sight

Compact ducts have benefits when used in the existing areas of your home and the addition. These materials are space-saving and require fewer changes for their installation. This is because they can easily be installed in existing wall cavities.

Adding to Existing AC Ductwork to Expand Your System

Lastly, there is the option to expand the existing system to the addition. This can often be easily done with a few changes to the existing ductwork. Some of the changes and upgrades that will need to be done to the existing system include:

  • Installing of new air handlers and blowers
  • Booster fans to improve airflow to the addition
  • Replacing old AC units (only if the current condensing unit is under-sized)
  • Upgrading HVAC thermostat controls

An addition to your existing HVAC system is the easiest solution if your system is up to date and large enough.

The installation of the right type of air conditioning will improve your home addition with more efficient HVAC solutions. If you are ready to install the AC for your home addition, contact an AC installation service to discuss these options, like Vigil Air.