Air Conditioning Repairs For Heat Pump Failures When You Need Cooling The Most

Just like with other types of air conditioning systems, AC heat pumps can fail and have serious problems that need to be repaired. This gets worse as the weather gets hotter and the heat pump is working harder to remove the heat from your home. The repairs that your AC heat pump might need as the summer heat is at its peak include the following.

Issues With Starting the Heat Pump

The biggest problem that you might have with your AC is that the heat pump is not starting. This is often caused by issues with the capacitor, which can affect whether the system turns on or not. The problem is common with many HVAC systems and can affect the power going to the AC. Sometimes, the system will not turn at all with a bad capacitor, and sometimes it will make noises like the heat pump is about to start, but it never starts. This issue can be solved by replacing the bad capacitor.

Problems With Thermostats and Thermocouples

The thermostats with an AC heat pump work a little differently than other systems because they are used for heating and cooling. This is not just the thermostat used to control the temperature in your home but also includes thermocouples. The thermocouple helps control the settings for heating and cooling of the heat pump. So, it will switch from heating to cooling when needed. When there is a problem with the thermocouple, there might be issues with the cooling when you need it. Installing a new heat pump thermocouple will often solve these issues.

Issues With Fans for AC Heat Pump Systems

Issues with the fan for an AC can cause problems when you need cooling during the summer months. The problems might be worse with an AC heat pump system because fans are crucial components that allow the system to draw the heat out of your home. The problem might be with your AC blower fans, which can include boosters, which are smaller fans in line with the ductwork to improve airflow. It can also be due to problems with the AC heat pump fan that might fail due to wear as it is working harder to cool your home.

The air conditioning repairs that heat pumps need are often minor, so a technician can often repair your heat pump in one visit. Contact an air conditioning repair service to schedule a visit from a technician to get your system cooling again.