Reasons The HVAC Company Would Come Out For An Emergency Call

The HVAC company should be coming out to annually inspect and service your system. Also, you should have them come out to inspect any new issues that arise at any point. In a lot of cases, minor repair issues can wait for a regular repair appointment. However, there are many times when you'll want to have the HVAC company come out immediately on an emergency repair call. This article will help you determine when you're having an issue that falls into the emergency category and should be fixed right away.  

There's a complete system failure

If your HVAC system completely stops working, then this would be a perfect time to call the HVAC company to come out on an emergency call. It'll be especially important to call them out right away if the weather is very hot or cold when it stops working. When the temperatures are too severe, it can become dangerous for your family and pets if you do not have a working HVAC system. 

There could be many reasons why your HVAC system may stop working. There could be a malfunctioning thermostat, a motor failure, or even an electrical issue. 

There are strange odors coming from the unit

You never want to have any kind of strange odor coming from your vents. When the system is functioning properly, there shouldn't be any odor coming from it. The one exception to this can be the very first time you go to use the heater in the winter, because it can be normal to smell a bit of hot dust as the heater kicks on for the first time. 

One example of an odor you may smell is often described as a sweet smell, which means that your system is leaking refrigerant. You may smell a musty odor coming from the vents, and this means you're likely dealing with mold in the system. A rotten smell can indicate that a small animal has died in the vents and needs to be removed. 

The smell of something burning or melting means you probably have an electrical issue. If you smell gas, then there's a gas leak. In either of these situations, you'll need to immediately turn the system off and call for an emergency repair. Otherwise, you could end up with a fire in the house. 

The system is making some threatening sounds

The HVAC system can start making some scary sounds when it's having major issues. When you hear these sounds, it's critical to act fast. Some of the noises you may hear include squealing, rattling, or whistling. Squealing often lets you know the belt needs to be replaced. Rattling often happens because there's a broken part in the motor. Whistling generally means that there is a leak in the system. 

If you don't have these things checked out by the HVAC company right away, big problems can happen, and sometimes it can even put you at risk of needing to have your whole system replaced.

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