Is It Worth It To Repair A Window Air Conditioning Unit?

Window air conditioning units provide relatively affordable cooling for homes that don't have a built-in air conditioning appliance. Because these units are much cheaper than other options — even portable air conditioning units can cost a few hundred dollars, and window units typically cost less than a couple of hundred — they may seem less likely to be worth fixing if they break. However, despite the seemingly cheap nature of these appliances, it can be worth it to pay for repairs instead of paying for a new unit.

Annual Furnace Cleaning Is Important For Removing Soot And Dust From Your Furnace

It may not seem like it, but the act of heating your home causes your furnace to get dirty. Even if you keep a clean house and change the filter regularly, the inside of the furnace can still get dirty. If you're lax about filter changing and housecleaning, your furnace may get dusty and dirty more quickly. Plus, a gas furnace creates soot as a byproduct that coats the ignition area of your furnace.

4 Reasons Annual Cleaning Of Your Central Air Conditioner Is Important

When you're busy or money is tight, you may not want to be bothered with air conditioning maintenance. Skipping maintenance could be a bad idea since it could cause you to spend more time or money later on. Here are four reasons annual cleaning of your central air unit is important. 1. A Dusty AC Could Affect Air Quality The filter keeps a lot of dust out of the air handler, but it can't keep it all out, especially if you forget to change the filter.

Important Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Their Drains For Proper Maintenance

Your home's drainage system does a lot of good for your everyday life, but it is oh-so-easy to neglect. Take a look at a few important things every homeowner should know about their drains for proper maintenance purposes.  You should know the general layout of your drains.  It is always wise to get familiar with the layout of the drains in your home. Most homes will have a series of drainage points that connect to a primary outlet point.

Don't Let a Dripping Faucet Drain Your Bank Account

The sound of a leaky faucet is enough to annoy most homeowners. A steady drip, drip, drip sound coming from one of your faucets is cause for concern. You might not think that something as small as a dripping faucet can impact your bank account, but this type of plumbing leak could cost you more than you think. A faucet that leaks at a rate of one drip per second will waste 3,000 gallons of water each year.